Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day +5 and +6

I didn't have a chance to update the blog yesterday, and I'm working tonight so I can only give you what I heard from my mom yesterday.

"Dad's face and ankles are not as puffy, but his eyes look more
bruised than yesterday. He can open them better cause not as puffy.

Hemoglobin is a bit higher. No need for blood. His platlets are
still pretty low but a bit higher than yesterday, so he had more
platlets today. The doctor said his kidneys are a bit better, and
his vitals are stable...so a good sign. Peeing a lot today
too....but also nausea and mouth sores. He really didn't talk, but
nodded alot. Was a bit more awake today than yesterday. They are
still giving him drugs for nausea as well as antirejection meds and
Benadril and vits/minerals. Still not eating and no interest in
eating whatsoever."

She says this is all to expected.

If I get an update before I go to work, I'll add it~

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