Monday, August 24, 2009

Day +26

I was the first to visit dad this morning.

When I walked, in the Kidney doctor, along with a whole team of aspiring young doctors were all standing around dad's bed. They were testing his hand eye coordination, which, apparently, was fine.

The doctor said that there wasn't much he needed to do other than make some suggestions for fluids to give him because his kidneys have stablized more.

I sat with dad for a bit while he slept. He seemed a little uncomfortable, but I think the catheter he has is still bothering him. Less than yesterday though.

When he woke up he was pretty out of it. His mind is still very unclear and he's not making any sense. He had asked the sitter that was there with me if he needed to have a beer. The sitter said when he was better she would buy a case of it to celebrate with him.

A little while later Bubbie and my aunt Esther came in and we talked while dad was sort of off in his own world. Esther tried to talk to him but he wasn't making any sense. The three of us continued to talk as dad took the button that buzzes the nurses and pretended to shave with it. We just kept talking and looking over from time to time.

Then mom came and he started to be more alert, but he still didn't make much sense.

Bubbie and Esther and I then left and dad gave us a tiny kissy face. Well, not to Esther because he was trying to make it a joke. He still has a bit of humor to him

About 30 minutes ago mom called me saying dad had saw someone on the phone on tv and wanted to call me. So she put him on the phone and he breathed and tried to say something but nothing came out. I could tell he knew what I was saying but couldn't get out what he wanted to say. It seems like he's just having trouble getting the words out right.

All this is still because his liver and kidneys are out of whack. They are getting better apparently but nowhere close to what they should be. He's peeing out more fluid and his belly isn't as big as it was because of the fluid. He also had an ultrasound today and the doctor said there were no kidney blockages. As mom puts it, it's just a balancing act.

The good news in all this is that his blood numbers are really starting to climb. His hemaglobin especially. He used to have to go to the hospital every week to get blood transfusions because it would never climb higher than around 80. Today, it was 105 from 80 yesterday. All his other numbers are climbing too.

That's about it. I'll update more if mom gives me more to say~

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  1. Hey Jessica,
    Tell Jonathan that I say Hi and get better 'cause we all need to hear more of his great laughter in this world.
    Love to Julie and I am impressed at how you are all keeping it together. That is a tribute to the great job she and Jonathan have done with raising you guys.
    Love, Cathy T.