Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day +14

...I absolutely hate not having my laptop.. I wrote this whole amazing post and then it didn't work...Gahhhh


Today is 2 weeks in and dad was definitely more himself today...Well a slightly more drugged up version of himself.

Mom and I went down to see him this evening after dad called home twice to see when we were coming. We couldn't help the time, but we got there just when he starting getting his dose of Benadryl. He was good for about an hour until he looked like he was going to pass out.

When we got there dad was watching TV and seemed pretty lively. He was talking more and louder because his mouth hurt less and he seemed brighter in general. He was making silly facial expressions [much like I do] during conversation and even used his coined term "what-EVER."

He then went on and on about how much he enjoyed getting his spongebath today. Then mom and him talked about how she's not going to spongebathe him when he's home and healthy, and dad was making jokes about how she was going to find another husband. Then I had to listen to them talk about their wedding when dad wanted to shave off his beard in between the day, after pictures and before the ceremony. Dad giggled.

The steroids are starting to get to him, not just in his little pudgy cheeks, but to his brain. He thinks he can do ANYTHING. He told us that before we got there he jumped into a wheelchair, held his IV pole between his legs and wheeled himself all the way down the hall to get water from the kitchen all by himself. He had to go by himself because he's not supposed to be drinking water, hence why he couldn't ask a nurse. I told him I wasn't impressed, one, because he's not supposed to drink water, and two, because the IV pole could have come crashing down on his face. He didn't seem to care.

The best part of the night though was dad talking about being drugged up. Earlier, on the phone, he had told me that the nurses were making fun of him because he thought he had roasted chickens hanging from his IV pole. Really, it was just the large IV bags of saline and other stuff. He also started talking about how he couldn't understand why, but he felt like he was supposed to be doing something, like write a report. I told him to go for it because no one was stopping him and that he really didn't have anything else to do. He then pulled his shirt up over his very bloated belly to show off all these new spots he got. He said they were my fault because everytime he thought about me, he coughed. [uhhhh I'm sorry?] He was also saying how he doesn't like being so drugged up. I quite enjoy it, actually.

Other than that, the area around his eyes is almost completely back to normal, so no more redness.. His eyes are a little less yellow, he has a little less hair on both his head and his face... His blood counts aren't relatively wonderful but the doctor says it's expected.

Guess that's all for todayyy~

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