Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day +12 and +13

So yesterday didn't have much for me to update. Mom and I went down to see dad after work. He was talkative (as talkative as he could be with mom talking about stuff going on with her, but dad enjoyed it). I could tell he was really alert because at one point mom and I were talking about me having a doctors appointment and dad piped in telling me I HAD to get the results of a blood test which he's been pestering me about for 2 months now.

That was yesterday.

Right now I'm sitting in the chair next to him while the doctors talking. His blood oressure is up a bit again and his kidney's aren't at a good level to give him more of his anti rejection medication (because it's metabolised by the kidneys) but the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned.

He looked tired when I got here but he got up and sat in one of the chairs by his bed and watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with me. Then he threw up. (guess he's not a fan of Will Smith)

The nurse thought that was because he drank too much water. Ah well, they gave him Gravol and now he's all sleepy.

The redness around his eyes has gone down but now his eyeballs are more yellow. His feet and belly are still swollen from fluid in his body but its not like he's walking around much to sweat it out.

And now dad's passed out. I wonder if he'll start snoring.

That's the update for today~

Oh PS; mom made an offhand remark the other day saying people haven't been commenting anymore. So comment away, I think she likes it.


  1. I think it's because everyone is commenting to you through Facebook...?

    It's still nice to read that you still seem to be making the best of the situation.



  2. I found Jonathan on Skype this morning - a good sign, since he's been too tired to have these conversations. So comment away here, but if you see him on Skype...bug him there too.

  3. Dear Jonathan, Julie, Jessica and Jason. Alex and I are on vacation but managed to find wireless internet so I could log in and finally check on Jonathan's progress. His picture is "beautiful", really. I'm so glad to see that he is progressing along. Everyone with us (Cheryl, Michael, Patricia and many more send their best wishes and want me to share that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.)Take care linda Kate Kate Linda :-)

  4. Just wanted to stop by, hope your dad keeps improving and gets well soon, and everyone stays strong.

  5. Debbie NightingaleAugust 12, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    Hi all - and especially Jessica!
    Your updates are great - and even the difficult ones are good to keep us looped in.....what an incredible adventure you are all on and it will be all the sweeter when you come out on the other end. We're cheering and rooting for you all.
    Much love
    Debbie, Shain and the gang.

  6. Hi Julie... please tell Jonathan, I say hi.. I sent him a skype message a while back, but tell him that he can write back when he's got some energy back.. which I expect to be soon!!!! :))) xoxooxox Caron