Friday, August 14, 2009

Day +16

"I'm up to page 75"

That's what dad said to his Personal Care Worker today as she was pulling up his sheets over his legs before he fell asleep. He was apparently telling a joke. He also made some faces and me and mocked how I said hi to him when I came into the room. Typical dad stuff.

He had a rough night last night, bad fever and paranoia and confusion. The doctors found he has a blood infection but isolated the type and gave him specific drugs for it. He had a fever all day but by the time I got there around 8 it had gone down. His blood levels are worse than yesterday but, again, no one's overly concerned.

He was still more talkative than he was last week but you could tell he was slowly passing out, which he did about 20 minutes after I got there.

He has a lovely care worker watching him tonight in case he has another bad night.

Hopefully that wont happen~

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