Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day +19 and +20 and +21

Sorry sorry sorry sorrrrryyy.

I know I have been kind of slacking on the blog as of late, but I'm without my laptop [it had to be sent in because the "2" key broke off and they couldn't just send me a new one...ugh] and I was out of town making it hard to update the blog. He's been pretty much the same though.


Yesterday, day 20, was just a day. I didn't see him until about 4pm but luckily he was awake. We talked a bit and I informed him of my weekend.

That morning, apparently, the nurses called my mom at 5:45am because my dad refused to get his blood taken until she convinced him it was ok. Apparently dad thought there was a conspiracy going on. So, being as curious as I am and wanting more content for this blog I asked him to explain what he thought was going on...

The first thing he asked me was if I had ever been in a room that was a replica in another room. I answered yes. He asked me how I had known that I was in the fake room and not the real room. I answered that I knew because of how I entered the room in the first place; if I walked into the place where I knew the original room was I would know it was the real one and if I walked into a place that wasn't where the original room is supposed to be, I would know it was fake.

He then proceeded to tell me how he didn't think he was in his original hospital room. He said things like the whiteboard that's on the wall across his bed kept being erased and the balloon atop of his IV pole [the one Jason gave him] has been 3 different versions. I assured him that I did, in fact, walk through the Princess Margaret doors and up the elevator and down the hall to get to him, and he hasn't moved in almost a month. I also told him I would film myself walking through the halls if it made him feel better.

He then told me that the first conspiracy theory he had isn't quite being proven how he'd like. He told me he was sure someone was pretending to be him in order to leave the country, and it was just a coincidence that he was sick.

He told me all this with a quite serious face.

Really, all I could do was assure him nothing was going to happen and to just take a nap. So he did.

That was yesterday.

Today, my dad was feeling in the mood to talk so he called my mom. At 6 in the morning.


"What? Hi... Do you know what time it is?"

"Is it 11 at night?"

"No, it's 6am."

"Oh, ok. Bye"

[I don't know if that was the exact conversation, but that's how mom explained it to me]

Also, somewhere in there... he asked to be beamed up to the USS Enterprise...

[That's a Star Trek thing, for anyone who doesn't know it, or my dad's obsession with the show]

Anyways, Jason saw him this afternoon and mom and I went down around 430ish. He was sleeping when we got there and had a sitter named Joyce watching him.

He woke up and we talked. Mom gave him a face wash with some cool cloths that he really enjoys and we teased him a bit about his early morning phonecalls.

Other than his crazy thoughts and silly phonecalls, he's doing pretty well, considering.

The redness around his eyes is almost completely gone, he just has two lines under his eyes, above his cheek bones. He has lost most of his hair but still has a thin layer of it on his head and still a lot of a beard.

What is also good to hear is that his body is levelling out more and his blood numbers are climbing. The doctor says not to get too excited because it hasn't been a long enough trend yet... but the first glimpses of the bone marrow working are starting to show...

Keeping our fingers crossed~

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