Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day -6

I'm typing this as I watch my dad play with his new "toy."

It's call an incentive sparometer... or something. He's trying to put it together so he can use it to test his breathing.

We've been sitting in his new room for about 3 hours now. It's a good size for a hospital room. He's got an air filter as a wall behind him so that the air stays clean. He's got an exercise bike for when he's up to it. His bathroom is also a good size. Kind of too big. What does he need that much room for? Well I guess for his suitcase because all he has for storage is one dinky little bedside table. Where is he supposed to put all the clothes my mom packed him? [She packed a lot.]

According to the sparometer, dad can breathe. Oh wait, he did it wrong. He's still reading the instructions.

About 10 minutes ago he just got plugged into his first dose of chemo. It'll be going for about half an hour and it's just a small dose. Hopefully he'll be feeling ok in the next little bit since he's eaten two hospital meals in the past hour.... Gross.

We'll just have to see.

Earlier dad had an ultra-sound to make sure his kidney's were ok. They said to come back in 8-10 months.

We met a nurse named Fran. She's really sweet. She told me I was a strong girl. I said, "pft, have I got a choice?"

The doctor also came in to give dad the details. Dad complained to him about one of the chairs in his room that's broken. And that his bed is too short. But he was just joking [half joking] He's not too thrilled with what he heard from the Doctor, but what can you expect.

Anyways that's about all I have to update...but just a few things before I go for all of you following the family and dad:
  1. Do not call my house. Most of you know our house number, but please, don't call. My brother and mom and I are hardly ever home anyway, so you may not even get us. If we are, we probably wont want to talk. Everything you need to know will be on this blog. Don't call us, we'll call you.
  2. My dad will not be giving out his hospital room phone number. If you want to call him, call his cell phone. When he wants to talk, it will be on. If he doesn't want to talk, it will be off. [He's not supposed to have it on, but he will. He's like that.]
  3. It will probably be your best bet to email him. If he's up to it, he'll respond. Without much else to do, he'll be checking it a lot.
  4. If you don't have his email address already, just email me and I'll forward it on to him [He has a thing about having his personal contact information on the internet.]
  5. He wont be seeing visitors for a while. I'll let you know when you can.

Now I have to get back to doing work while dad watches TV.


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