Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day -2 version 2

Dad sent me an email with more updates:

" didn't get any sleep last night, had a fever of 39 for three days
now, they say its from the chemo, not infection.

check out the colour of the whites (YELLOW) of my eyes. Thats how
they can tell if they have given me enough. Seems my eyes got whiter
again, so they are topping me up with more chemo

they are going to give me blood today, but not until they finish
all the chemo, meaning they wont start the blood till 11pm. It'll go
all night.

Bubby brought me her home made chicken soup, it was delicious

so far no cookie woofing today.

Mom says we had to write you from here, 'cause there might not be
internet at home cause its raining poodles and pussies [our internet doesn't work when it rains]"


  1. Greetings to the Grossman family,
    it's 11 hours more towards the transplant and I can't be happier for you guys. All the best and will keep your dad in my prayer list. Don't give in to fate and have faith in God. My dad has AML and is looking for suitable donor now. Life is definitely not easy but hang on there. Take good care Jessica. God bless and watch over you all.

    Best Regards,

  2. Jonathan,

    You don't know me, we might never meet, but a friend or our family (Noreen Wiseman) forwarded your story as it closely mirrors events of our family. You are about 1 day away from the most uneventful "transplant" events ever - the Stem Cell Transplant. Yet those few syringes of blood will pave the way to recovery for you and your family.

    As many have probably told you, the real excitement begins around Day +5 to Day +15 (or Engraftment). Those first few signs of white blood will remain in your memory for life. I will keep you in my thoughts as I wait for the blog entitled "Engraftment".

    In case you are wondering who/what/where/why, I presume you have some time in the hospital. Here is a link to the website of a 7 month old boy who courageously went through BMT with a 50% chance of survival. That boy is my son and he's about to celebrate his 4th birthday.

    Be strong, listen to your body, be your own patient advocate, make the nurses and doctors double and triple check for accuracy AND beat this thing!