Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day -3

So today I had the chance to pop in to see dad, but only for about 10 minutes.

He was incredibly sleepy from a large dose of benadryl they had given him, so it was a perfect amount of time. Just enough to see how he was and say that I love him.

He has started the really hard chemo today but it's being spread over an 8 hour drip. He has thrown up, but only once. He's also started to get these "cute" spots on his face from throwing up because his platelets are so low. But that's what's supposed to happen.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to do any laps today. Maybe tomorrow.

So that's about all for today...I know this update sounds bad, but he's doing pretty well, considering. He did tell me to tell everyone that he hasn't checked his email in a couple days because he hasn't been up to it. So don't feel bad.

Just one last thing... Over the next week [and even during the actual transplant], I will be in British Columbia. I will still be updating the blog, just not able to see him for myself.

All for today~

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  1. Dear Jessica,
    You are demonstrating the strength and love that all parents hope for. I know that your father is very proud of you. I wish your dad and your family all the best through this challenging experience. I can say that going through the experience ourselves, it is the love of family and friends that carry us through!

    Julie P