Friday, July 31, 2009

Day +2

Sorry for the late update. It's only 8pm here in BC and I spent the day with my aunt and uncle in Victoria.
There isn't much to update anyway.

I didn't get to talk to dad cause his phone was off, but I got the update from mom and Bubbie.

They both said he was really tired and mostly slept all day. He also needed more platelets today. Mom did say he did 1 lap around the nurses station, so that was good.

That's pretty much it~


  1. Seems like everything is going to plan on the left coast. Sometime around Day +5 you should get a dose of Neupogen - this amazing drug will help stimulate white blood cell growth.

    Come on White Blood!

  2. Jessica... thank you so much for the blog.. it really helps those of us who don't want to barrage the family with calls... so please give our love to your dad!!!! Caron