Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day -5

As may become a usual trend, I'm talking to my dad on Skype [an instant messaging/calling program]. He's in his hospital bed and I'm at home. I have to work in 2 hours so I wont be able to see him today.

Sooo today's update comes from his via skype instead of my personal viewpoint. I'm listening, he's talking.

1,2,3 go

I asked him how his day was:

He spent most of the night sleeping. He was woken up at 6am to get blood taken and to test his vitals.

The nurses made him do laps of the nursing station so he was out of the room. 20 laps yesterday, and everyday he has to increase it. This morning he did 21. Then he did 2 more sets of 5 cause he was bored [Let's see how long that lasts].

He said Lunch was dead tuna [as opposed to..?!]

The nutritionist came in and said he could order food that wasn't on the menu. She crossed most of the food of his normal menu anyway cause he's not allowed to have it. But he said he might get special variety. He's on a macrobiotic diet- "everything needs to be cooked until it's dead, and then shot"

He got interviewed for a study he's a part of for research on Myelofibrosis. He said the questions were really stupid. Questions like, "do you feel your bone marrow is good or bad." Uhhh what? Meh, as long as it helps research, right? He said the person who questioned him was really cute. [ew]

As for his social life, he spoke to his sister in Israel, one of his brothers and his dad, me and my mom. Lots of people have been calling and he's still up to talking which is good.

He also told me how far his blood test numbers have dropped in a day [this is supposed to happen so that his body takes to the new bone marrow.] In one day, his iron level dropped from 89 to 71. Something tells me, tomorrow he wont be up to more than 21+5+5 laps around the nurses station. But we can hope.

Most important update of the day, he says, is there has been no "cookie whoofing" [aka throwing up] even though he's had dose number 2 of chemo.

That, he says is the most important update of the day.

All for now~

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  1. all the best to you all,

    sounds like things are going well... (as well as they can under such circumstances)

    I really enjoy the humour you keep and share during this time.